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Open Practice

by | Oct 26, 2018

  • 1pm-3pm the track will be a technical track (groomed best for most riders who ride Junior 16-17 for our Grassroots series and Sport Light on the National ISOC Series)
  • Track will be closed from 4pm-5pm for grooming break to tame down the track
  • 5pm-8pm the track will be an easier track (groomed best for transition, juniors, and out normal grassroots riders) This track is still fun but will be made specifically for those riders

If there are a number of riders at the rack we will be having timed practice with the following “heats”. Length of time will be determined by number of riders in each “heat”.

In order for 120’s to take the track there must be a minimum of at least 3 Riders present at the track. They will then be given 15 minutes of track time every hour with NO other riders on the track.


Heat Breakdowns

  • Heat 1: Junior 16-17, Sport, Sport Light, Pro Light and Pro
  • Heat 2: Junior Riders 15 and under, transistion riders
  • Heat 3: (If enough riders 3 or more to make a class) Snow Bikes, 120 Sleds


  • Adult Riders (18+)  $100
  • Juniors $75
  • 120’s $50

Open Practice Rules

  • No riders allowed on the track while the groomer is out
  • If you witness a crash, please stop and alert other riders until practice attendant arrives at scene or if crash is cleared from track
  • All safety equipment as outlined in the ERX Grassroots Rublebook is required for all practice days
  • ERX Staff has the ability to take away any or all practice rights if any rules are broken